A Cheap Wedding in Nerja Posted June 29, 2014


 A Cheap Wedding in Nerja - Hotel Los Arcos

A Cheap Wedding in Nerja

A cheap wedding in Nerja. Is there something off-putting about that phrase? Does it sound unappealing? Why?

It can’t be the ‘wedding’ part. Unless you’re having second thoughts. You’re not having thoughts though, are you? Are you? Really? I thought you loved me … What was that? You do! Great! So it’s not the ‘wedding’ part then. It can’t be the ‘Nerja’ part either. Nerja’s just lovely. So it’s the ‘cheap’ bit. I thought as much.

Cheap doesn’t have to be cheap

How did ‘cheap’ get such a bad reputation? Here’s how: ‘Cheap shot’; ‘talk is cheap’; ‘cheap and nasty’; ‘life is cheap’ … It’s been co-opted by all sorts of negative phrases. It didn’t stand a chance.

Let’s reclaim ‘cheap’

“Low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services.” That’s what ‘cheap’ means, so that’s what a cheap wedding in Nerja is, in a nutshell. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? A cheap wedding in Nerja could be better than an expensive wedding somewhere else. So let’s reclaim the word ‘cheap’, and let it mean what it’s supposed to. So. How does a cheap wedding in Nerja work at the Hotel Los Arcos?

This is how

For starters, our wedding package includes a free weekend for you come and stay at the hotel and get things organised. It’ll be between November and March, but winter isn’t bad here. We can organise everything for your wedding at very competitive (i.e. cheap) prices, and your free weekend can include us introducing you to our local suppliers, so you can be happy that the hairdressing, cars and music will all be taken care of.

It’s all about the reception though, isn’t it? We’ve designed a selection of great menus for you to choose from. The starters include “Sole Rolls filled with King Prawns, infused with Champagne & Parmesan au gratin”. Your cheap wedding in Nerja doesn’t sound so cheap now, does it? As for the bar, you can choose to pay per bottle, per person, or per drink, so it’ll pay to know the drinking habits of your guests!

Seriously, we offer a cheap wedding in Nerja that will feel anything but cheap. If you’d like to find out more about our excellent value wedding offer, go right ahead and contact us now.