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A Culture of Family: Holidays in Nerja

What’s important to Spanish people? Lots of things, obviously, same as anyone else. But there are three passions that stand out in particular, that we can call the three ‘Fs’: Food, football, and family.

Family values

Family usually comes first in Spain, and this includes the extended family as well as the nuclear. Families stick together and support each other in all sorts of ways, as well as getting together frequently to enjoy the food and the football.

This extends to attitudes towards children. The Spanish love children, and are very tolerant of boisterous behavior. Children are generally allowed to be children, so no one really minds a bit of noise and running around. It’s all part of la vida.

Family holidays in Nerja

Even for Spain, Nerja is a particularly family-friendly town, so family holidays in Nerja are usually a relaxing, easy going affair. If you’re a parent of children who like to run around in restaurants – and how many children do you know who don’t like to do that? – it’s much easier to enjoy your meal when no one else is batting an eyelid. In Nerja we’ve even got restaurants on the beach, so the kids can play in the sand while you munch your prawns.

Lots of things to do

Family holidays in Nerja wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the amazing caves. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll love your visit. Then there’s the Roman aqueduct, the mountains, the beaches … Older kids can do frighteningly active stuff like jet-skiing, and you can watch them through your fingers, wincing at every wave.

Family-Friendly Hotel Los Arcos

When you’ve decided to take your family holidays in Nerja you’ll want to stay at a place where the culture of family is as ubiquitous as it is elsewhere in the town. The family-run Hotel Los Arcos is the perfect place. We know how important family is, and we do our best to make sure every member of every family that visits us has a great holiday. Come and have your family holidays in Nerja with us, and let us treat your family as if it were our own. Check availability, and enjoy a stress-free family holiday.