Feria in Nerja 2014 - You Know You Want To

Feria in Nerja 2014 – You Know You Want To

Don’t even try to pretend you’re not interested. No one will believe you.

Feria in Nerja 2014

What’s that you say? A feria? In Nerja? In 2014? Why, that’s this very year! Yes indeed. Try as we might to resist having another party, we’ve succumbed. It’s a Spain thing. It’s a Nerja thing. We just love life. And why shouldn’t we? Nerja’s lovely. There’s lots to celebrate, every day. So sometimes, we like to make it official, and celebrate for several days in a row, with food, drink, and dancing. Lots of dancing.

What actually is it?

It’s the “Feria de la Virgen de las Angustias y San Miguel”. You’re glad you asked. Essentially, Feria in Nerja 2014 will consist of five days of relentless partying, primarily involving food, drink and music, but including some general mayhem thrown in for good measure. It’s a major event in Nerja, and people consider it important to ‘be seen’.

If you’re in Nerja at Feria time, you’ll know when it’s time to start partying. The rockets will tell you. At 10am. Every morning. Whether or not you’re nursing a headache (not a hangover though, no no no no no), you’ll be cajoled into stepping into your dancing trousers and joining in the festivities by very, very loud rockets. That’s how we roll.

Tell me more

Okay. There’s a big fairground, with the usual attractions. Around the outside, there are ‘casitas’, which are large marquees containing a variety of activities. These will include flamenco dancing, star turns from well-known people, and the election of the belle of the ball – the ‘Feria Queen’.

In each casita you’ll find plenty to eat and drink. You’ll also find plenty of fashion advice. People can’t resist dressing up during the Feria, so keep your eyes open and make sure you nail this year’s flamenco look.

I think I want my bed

That’s fine; all this partying can be exhausting. Hotel Los Arcos is perfectly located just outside of earshot of the festivities. It’s only a three minute taxi ride, or a 12 minute walk away from the action, so you can let yourself go with abandon, but rein yourself back in with ease. And you won’t be kept awake all night.

Go on then. You know you want to. Check our room availability now.