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First choice hotel: Los Arcos in Nerja

We’ve another guest review for you this week. Yes, that’s right. It’s a quiet week here in Nerja. Well apart from the hordes of very happy holidaymakers. We’ve no big party or festival to announce this week, so we’ve given this space over to a guest who wanted to spread the word to fellow travellers, in the hope that they might find the same joy that he did, in this lovely hotel in this wonderful town.

First choice hotel: Los Arcos in Nerja

I’d never heard of Nerja, but I had a friend who told me he’d been there years ago and said it was really nice. I wanted somewhere a little bit different to take the family for a summer vacation, and thought Nerja might fit the bill. There’s me, my wife and our three kids, so I wanted somewhere that wouldn’t be too expensive to get to. Luckily, Nerja is really close to Malaga airport, and we were able to get return flights that left a bit in the bank for actually enjoying the holiday.

My friend couldn’t remember where he’d stayed, so I had a look on TripAdvisor and found the Hotel Los Arcos. I liked the fact that it was family run, and that it had a self-catering apartment. That meant that all of us could stay in the same room, in effect, and we wouldn’t need to eat out every night.

When we arrived, we were immediately impressed by the friendliness of the service. We were even more impressed by the fact that the self-catering apartment is accessed via the pool area but is also totally private. I have to admit, the apartment and the pool are so nice that there were a couple of days where we didn’t even bother leaving the hotel grounds!

When we did venture out, we found that Nerja is an amazing place. It’s really friendly, and the surrounding landscape and sea make it a spectacular place to travel around. There are loads of restaurants which are family friendly, and the restaurant at the hotel itself does really good food. I would recommend Nerja and the Hotel Los Arcos to anyone that has a family but doesn’t want to have to re-mortgage their home for a holiday. We enjoyed every minute of our stay, and our first choice hotel for a family holiday is Los Arcos in Nerja.