A hotel in Nerja to call home Posted June 19, 2014


A hotel in Nerja to call home | Hotel Los Arcos

A hotel in Nerja to call home

To a real gastronome, cooking when on holiday can be so much more exciting than cooking at home. You’ve got to get used to an unfamiliar appliance, for a start. One cooker’s Gas Mark 6 is another cooker’s 200 degrees… Oven temperature roulette is an unavoidable game of chance for the travelling cook. But that’s only part of the fun.

Self-catering in Nerja

If you’re staying at a hotel in Nerja, eating out all the time can be an expensive business. The menu del dia might look like a bargain at first, and it probably is, but every day, for a week or more, for four to six people… The alternative is self-catering. It might sound dull, but it’s anything but. Food shopping in a foreign territory can be an exciting business. Especially when you’re buying fish fresh from the Mediterranean, and fruit and veg grown in Southern Spanish soil. Smell those tomatoes. Fondle that fennel. Mmmmmm…

How to buy food in Nerja

We’ve got supermarkets here. Yes, I know, I know. You wanted quaint, olde worlde Spain. You’ll find that here as well. But it’s the 21st Century here too, and we also need to buy paperclips occasionally. And soy sauce. So we have supermarkets, where you’ll be able to find many of the things you’re used to at home, including some nice wine and beer. For fresh stuff though, we’d suggest Going Native.

Lots of people here have allotments and vegetable patches where they grow their own food, and the council lets them sell it. Wander around some of the residential streets and you’ll see crates of freshly picked or dug seasonal fruit and veg for sale from people’s houses. Look no further for your quaint, olde worlde Spain.

We’ve also got some very good fishmongers and butchers in town, but make sure you get there early to get the best specimens.

A hotel in Nerja to cater for yourself

At Hotel Los Arcos we’ve got a self-catering apartment that will form the perfect setting for your Mediterranean cookery odyssey. It accommodates up to six people so you can bring plenty of friends or family to show off your skills to.

And when you’re too tired to cook, there’s our excellent restaurant to fill in for you. Our self-catering apartment is waiting for you, so go ahead and check availability.