Special places to stay in Nerja Posted August 7, 2014


Special places to stay in Nerja | Hotel Los Arcos

Special places to stay in Nerja

This week, we wanted to talk about special places to stay in Nerja. Arguably, all the places to stay in Nerja could be described as special places to stay in Nerja, because Nerja itself is a special place. But there’s one special place that we’ve got our mind on, and we’ll come to that in due course.

Special Places

Spain boasts many special places. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville… And of course, Nerja. Not so well known as its bigger cousins, it still has a lot to recommend it as a special place to visit. Not least, the weather. Nestled on the south coast, between the glittering Mediterranean and the stunning mountains of the Sierra de Almijara, Nerja benefits from its own little micro-climate that gives it the best all-round weather in Europe.

Special Places in Nerja

Once here, visitors are able to explore all the special places in and around our lovely town. The famous Nerja Caves are the best-known attraction, and are worth a trip to Nerja on their own. Only discovered in 1959, their wonders include the world’s largest stalagmite.

There’s also the wonderful view from the Balcón de Europa, and the remarkable view of the amazing Roman aqueduct.

Special Places to Stay in Nerja

It is true, as we said, that special places to stay in Nerja are not hard to come by, simply because Nerja is so lovely. We do, however, believe that of all the special places to stay in Nerja, one is even more special than the rest.

Hotel Los Arcos is such a special place that many choose to make it their special place to stay every year. What makes it so special? Some say it’s the fantastic restaurant, Braseria Iberica, that serves delicious gourmet tapas dishes from its extensive and reasonably priced menu, every day. Some say it’s the rooms, with their cosy but contemporary decor and no shortage of creature comforts.

Most agree, however, that the thing that makes Los Arcos so special is the atmosphere. Family run, set away from the noise and crowds of the beaches, with its lovely pool and vibrant bar, Hotel Los Arcos stands apart as a really special place to stay in the really special place that is Nerja. Experience the specialness yourself, why don’t you, and check availability now.