Winter offer in Nerja Posted August 28, 2014


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Winter. Brrrr….

Yes yes, we know it’s still August. But have you been outside recently?

Well, if you’re here in Nerja you’d have had a lovely time. During the day it’s currently hovering at around 30 degrees Centigrade, with a gentle breeze coming in from the cobalt blue Mediterranean Sea. There’s nary a cloud in the sky. In the evenings, happy holidaymakers sip cocktails in the balmy warmth of yet another beautiful Mediterranean late summer. Freezers groan under the responsibility of having to create enough ice.

Further North…

If you’re in Stockholm, you’ll have noticed that the temperature during the day is struggling to reach 17 degrees. At night, it dips to 12 degrees, or lower. Good luck with those cocktails. There’s always a bright side: you won’t need so much ice. Better for the environment. Yay. Go, Stockholm. We owe you one.

Your reward for protecting the environment…

We can’t help but feel sorry for you northern Europeans here in Nerja. Not just you Swedes, but those of you from all over Scandinavia. And Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands. And Manchester. Perhaps especially Manchester. So we’ve put together a winter offer, just for you. It’s not quite ready yet. But it’s going to be good.

Nerja in Winter

‘Winter’ is a bit of a misnomer, to be honest. We don’t get a winter here, not like you northern Europeans would know it. Average temperature in January is about 16 degrees Centigrade during the day. It gets cooler at night. You will probably need a jacket, unless you’re from Newcastle. In which case a short-sleeved shirt will be entirely adequate.

Even if it’s a little on the cool side, chances are it’ll be sunny. We get 300 days of sunshine a year. 300. How do you like them apples?

What do I do? What do I do?

What you do, is keep your eyes peeled on this blog for details of our winter offer. It’s coming. You do not need to suffer the apocalyptic chill of a Scandinavian winter if you don’t want to. Well, you can have a week or two off, at least. We’re looking out for you, here at the Hotel Los Arcos, so keep checking in, and you will be rewarded.