la braseria Iberica nerja



  • RED PEPPER stuffed with king prawns & goat´s cheese
  • Crispy COURGETTE strips filled with a blend of 3 Cheeses, Nuts & Raisins
  • Prawn CRÊPE bathed in a creamy LeekSauce
  • AVOCADO MOUSSE wrapped in smoked Salmon
  • Mediterranean SALAD:  melted Goat´s   Cheese & caramelized Onions with Cherry tomatoes & Balsamic dressing
  • PRAWN COCKTAIL “Los Arcos.…
  • FRIED CAMEMBERT with Honey and Raspberry sauce
  • KING PRAWN KEBAB with dates wrapped in crispy bacon
  • BEEF CARPACCIO with Parmesano flakes & balsamic dressing
  • King PRAWNS infused in CHAMPAGNE, Bechamel and Parmesan “au gratin”
  • MUSSELS STUFFED with Ratatouille  and grilled Cheese in a cream of Lobster
  • MUSHROOMS stuffed with sundried  tomatoes & vegetables
  • AVOCADO with King Prawns


  • BEEF ESCALOPE topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms & crispy bacon
  • GRILLED DORADA in a white wine sauce On a bed of vegetables & potatoes
  • Layers of LAMB Pieces & grilled Aubergines wrapped in filo Pastry topped with goat´s cheese “au gratin”
  • DUCK A L´ORANGE served with sautéed Mediterranean vegetables
  • COD SUPREME in Piquillo RED PEPPER infusedin white wine with king prawns & mushrooms
  • MOROCCAN CHICKEN TAGINE with aromatic rice
  • TURKEY BREAST stuffed with FOIE (pate)& Mushrooms, wrapped in Crispy Bacon, drizzled
  • In a Red Wine Sauce……………………….…
  • SOLE ROLLS filled with king prawns infused with Champagne and Parmesan“au gratin”
  • GRILLED SALMON in a zesty orange Infusion    on a bed of vegetale
  • Grilled SWORDFISH served on a bed of Mediterranean Ratatouille & Spanish Potatoes
  • VEGETARIAN “ONION SOUP”  au gratin…
  • Grilled Mediterranean VEGETABLES KEBAB




  • Grilled  SALMON  fillet with avocado mousse 13.75 €
  • SOLE ROLLS  filled with king prawns in Champagne sauce 13.75€
  • SOLE “MENIERE”  13.75€
  • BEEF FILLET STEAK with maldon saltFlakes  20.50€
  • Layers of Lamb Pieces and grilled Aubergines wra-pped in filo Pastry topped with goat´s Cheese gratin 13.75€
  • Roast Lemon chicken  11.75€

DESSERTS (4,95€)

  • BRANDY SNAP BASKET filled with fresh fruit & ice – cream……………….….4,95
  • APPLE CRUMBLE PIE with vanilla ice – cream…………………………….…4,95
  • VANILLA ICE – CREAM  cream with hot chocolate sauce…………………..…..4,95


  • Home – made CREAM CARAMEL…………………………………………..….…4,95

Red Wines

  • De La Casa Rioja / Ribera (12,95 €).
  • Rioja, MARQUES DE CACERES, Crianza (16,95 €).
  • Rioja, MONTECILLO, Crianza (14,95 €).
  • Ribera Del Duero, Protos, ROBLE (17,50 €).
  • Rioja MARQUES DE RISCAL, Reserva (24,75 €).

Whites Wines

  • RUEDA (12,95 €).
  • VIÑA SOL (13,50 €).
  • MARQUÉS DE CÁCERES (14,50 €).
  • MARQUÉS DE RISCAL (15,50 €).

Other Wines

  • ROSADO DE LA CASA, RIOJA (12,95 €).
  • CAVA DE LA CASA (12,95 €).
  • CHAMPAGÑE (37,50 €).


Eat or dine near the beach in Nerja.

Our restaurant is located in a quiet place but close to the most important places of the town.  Just a 20 minute stroll from the centre of Nerja it is a great place to walk to in the summer months.  Less than ten minutes walk from Burriana beach and just 20 minutes from the center, enjoy a relaxed walk to our restaurant or visit us by car.

Our popular gastronomic menu offers the best products and ingredients of our area, with a commitment to the dishes that best represent Mediterranean cuisine.

Hugged by the mountains and located on the eastern coast of the Costa del Sol, Nerja enjoys a very special and pleasant climate during most of the year.  In this eastern area of ​​Andalusia in southern Spain there are a wide variety of products grown locally that we try and incorporate into the dishes of our restaurant.  Because of this we try to ensure the Mediterranean touch is always present in our dishes.


Dirección: Urbanizacion Nerja Golf Cn 340 KM 293, 29780 Nerja, Málaga
RESERVATIONS: +34 952 52 66 70


Restaurante del hotel los arcos

Restaurants in Nerja with terrace

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy dining under the stars during warm summer and spring evenings our restaurant the Brasseria Iberica is a wonderful place to be. In Nerja even much of the winter offers warm sunny days. Our outdoor terrace offers magical, quiet and romantic place to enjoy an unforgettable evening. Because of the popularity of dining on our terrace we always recommend that you reserve beforehand calling 952 52 66 70. The Brasseria Iberica is a romantic, cosy and elegant restaurant in Nerja where you can enjoy an intimate and special evening.

Gastronomy of Nerja and Málaga

The east coast of Málaga's gastronomy is marked by many locally sourced products including fish from the sea, along with a great variety of fruits and vegetables grown locally in the surrounding areas. Visiting Nerja is synonymous with tasting the delicious locally sourced fish prepared in this area of the coast of Malaga. The fish that abound in this part of Malaga, with the sardine as one of its best ambassadors, and tropical fruits are some of the products that are abundant within the surrounding areas of Nerja.

Taking into account all the locally grown products that exist in this area of Malaga, there are many unique dishes that are worth discovering.

Within the surrounds of the town of Nerja, fruits and vegetables that grow under the tropical climate are abundant. Because of this they can be tasted in many different ways. Likewise, fish in general and fried 'pescaito' in particular are also representatives of the local gastronomic culture, with the barbecued sardine being one of the most popular dishes. If you want to enjoy sardines made in this way in Nerja, we recommend you visit some of the chiringuitos (beach restaurants) that have been cooking for many years on Burriana Beach.
At the beach restaurants of the popular Burriana beach and in many other beach restaurants you can taste another of Nerja´s delicacies, the classic paella. Paella may include meat and fish, or you may select just a fish paella or even vegetarian paella however the meat and fish option has become the most popular version for most in this area of the Costa del Sol.

Tropical fruits in Nerja

The avocado, Cherimoya, mango, litchi or lychee, carambola, medlar, pomegranate, papaya, kumquat, prickly pear and many more are some of the fruits that have been grown locally in this area of the Axarquía of Malaga for many years. The climate enjoyed in this area of Malaga and Granada throughout the year, led many companies to develop growing these products locally to Nerja, in the province of Malaga and Granada.

Products from Málaga and the Axarquía
Many people fall in love with Nerja with all of its offerings and come back time and time again to this beautiful “jewel of the Costa del Sol”. Nerja is located in a strategic enclave where beautiful mountains and beaches surround it. We are passionate about the variety of products that we grow locally to the Malaga region and specifically in the Axarquía and try and incorporate many of these local products within our restaurant dishes.
Goat´s cheese from Malaga: the Malacitano cheese is made in Malaga and is a gastronomic heritage of our province recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Formerly it was elaborated in a homemade way, whereas nowadays, due to sanitary regulations, only authorized companies produce it.

Sweet wine: Our area is also famous for some of the best sweet wines. Sweet Natural, Master, 'Pajarete', Tender, Pale ... there is a wide variety of very representative sweet wines.

Acereuna Aloreña: this olive has a protected designation of origin. It is a elaborated in a traditional way at gourmet level. The olives are from Álora, where historically a lot of homemade tradition exists.

Chestnuts of the Genal: In the autumn this delicious fruit appears in many points of the province of Malaga. The Genal Valley is especially prolific in growing chestnuts, with a fairly high production.

Pan de Higo de Coín/Fig bread from Coin: The town of Coin in the province of Malaga has its roots in the production of this delicious fruit. There are many tourists and visitors who visit Coin specifically to buy this product for friends and family.

Mistela de Arriate: This is an alcoholic beverage characteristic to the Sierra of Ronda containing coffee beans, cinnamon and sugar.

Antequerra Muffin: This is a local product to the area of Antequerra, prepared by the expert bakers of this town on the Costa del Sol.

Raisins of the Axarquía: The sweet raisin is a famous fruit grown in Malaga that also has denomination of origin and are exported to the whole world also creating the delicious sweet Malaga wine!

Tortas de Algarrobo: Olive oil, matalauva, anise, almonds ... are some of the ingredients that give meaning to this delicious sweet representative of this town of the Axarquía Malaga.

Periana Peach: A delicious fruit native to this area of the Axarquía. Here they are cultivated relying on the warm climate of the area then exported to the rest of Spain and globally.


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